2012 Focus on tomato

To explain tomato you need an Italian and for this occasion I have been ask for a video interview.
Here I am explaining how to recognize a good tomato and then a recipe with some insides on the best way to get the most out of a fresh tomato.

Pasta masterclass in Tokyo

Pasta masterclass has been organized by “I love Italian Food” in collaboration with “Pastificio Granoro” to introduce to professionals, importers and distributors the world of pasta.
It was divided in three blocks, first to tell the origins and the history of pasta follow by then characteristics of fresh and dry pasta and which sauce and ingredient to use with each format.
In the second block there was a brief presentation of “Pastificio Granoro” and finally in the third block I prepared a traditional pasta, originally from the same area of Pastificio Granoro for our audience.

2017 BS JAPAN: “why I decided to live in Japan”

BS JAPAN produce a special program where they introduce the life and work of foreigners living in Japan for long time.
This time they picked me and I was asked to introduce to the audience the area I live, my work, family and hobbies.
A great experience and the opportunity to share my love for this beautiful country and people.

2018 TBS TV Sekai kurabetemitara Stefano Kagurazaka

Francesco Bellissimo is a talented and famous Italian that often partecipate in various television programs about food and Italian culture.
He has been asked to introduce a real Italian restaurant for TBS television program “let’s compare the world” and he choose Ristorante Stefano.
We where ask to produce a couple of our signature dishes and it was good to see that all the guests where pleasantly impressed.