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Stefano's Italian Identity

The love for fresh seasonal products and homemade dishes.

Our strength: respect for traditions and local Venetian cuisine.
 We use seasonally imported  ingredients from Italy of the highest quality to ensure a healthy and fine dine for our guests.

* Try the Bigoli in Salsa or the Venetian style liver sautéed.

Our Wines and Drinks

We want our wine to give you pleasure and to pair your meal too!
Let us guide you among some exciting local wines in our list.
Labels from Norther Italy and “Tre Venezie” area are a must try.

And to help the digestion, a sip of grappa at the end of the meal!

Our Menus

NOTE: ¥700 cover charge and 10% consumption tax will be added separately. The menu is subject to change without notice. At dinner time we serve only bottled mineral water!

Italian Lunch in Kagurazaka

“The taste of Venice”

Ideal venue for a corporate or business luncheon.
Great also for friends & family gatherings.


Mix salad,
one pasta,
one drink
(lunch dessert + ¥ 500)

¥ 1,600


Assorted appetizer,
one pasta,
lunch dessert,
one drink

¥ 2,500


Assorted appetizer,
one pasta,
one fish or meat,
lunch dessert + one drink

¥ 3,600


Daily chef special course menu:
2 appetizers, pasta, rice,
main course,
dessert, drink

¥ 5,900

* Lunch prices do include 10% consumption tax *

Lunch Menu changes every 2 weeks

2019-10-10 (Thu) ~ 2019-10 – 21 (Mon)


Traditional Venetian style creamed dry cod
Meat and potato Trentino style rolled pie flavored with fennel, served with bell peppers sauce

( please choose one plate )

Venetian thick buckwheat thick spaghetti
anchovy, onion and white wine sauce

Pumpkin risotto

Short pasta, swordfish, olives and cappers oil based sauce

Home made chitarra, pancetta, onion and tomato sauce, served with mozzarella

Homemade fresh tagliolini, crab, tomato and cream sauce

( please choose fish or meat )

Grilled Black tiger prawns and seasonal vegetables
Today’s meat dish suggestion


Lunch dessert is made daily, please ask for today assorted dessert

Espresso, Coffee, Hot tea, 
Ice coffee, Ice tea, 
Oolong tea, Orange juice

Cappuccino & caffelatte + ¥ 200

Bigger pasta size extra     ¥ 300
Extra Bread (one basket)     ¥  200
Lunch salad     ¥ 400
Lunch soup     ¥ 700
Lunch dessert     ¥ 500

Desserts are made daily and changes with seasons.     Vegetarian options available, please ask our staff.
Tap Water is served only at lunch time.                                Allergies & Intolerances, tell us about it please.      

Wines, Expresso, Grappa...

Cocktails, Italian Sparkling and Organic Wines

The Venetian areas with its remarkable terroir and distinctive winemaking style, produces many relatively unknown and
difficult to find variety.  Our list features a variety of traditional and organic Venetian north Italian wines together with a  great selection of grappa and liquors as well.

We believe that the espresso is the coronation of every
Italian meal, a ceremony and a must for Italian lovers!

Beverages Menu

¥700 cover charge and 10% consumption tax will be added separately.
The menu is subject to change without notice.
At dinner time serve only bottled mineral water!