About Stefano Kagurazaka

Our Restaurant, Your Home

Authentic Italian, Venetian seasonal cuisine in the heart of Tokyo

At ristorante Stefano Kagurazaka we are passionate about Authentic Italian Venetian Seasonal Cuisine.
Our dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients in respect of Venetian traditions, with a soft contemporary approach.

 Every month freshly prepared dishes

selecting the best seasonal ingredients,
both local and imported from Italy.All our dishes are prepared on site and served with a warm Italian welcome in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Catering service also availlable.

The restaurant Stefano Kagurazaka

We feel comfortable and at home in this place, and we want to share this feeling with our guests. The ambience is unpretentious, simple yet not minimalistic, featuring natural wood and pastel tones, and its small size adds an extra note of intimacy.

Our staff

A crucial part of our establishment is our staff.
Each member works hard to ensure that each of our guests has a quality and memorable dining experience, every time they come to taste our Authentic Italian Venetian seasonal cuisine.

Stefano Fastro - Restaurant owner chef

My story:

Ciao, my name is Stefano Fastro, owner-chef of the restaurant.

Born in Valdobbiadene in Italy’s Veneto region home of Italy’s famous sparkling wine “Prosecco“.  My family used to grow our own vegetables, make our own wine and grappa, and even raised our own poultry. 
Everything was and still is prepared by the skilled hands of my mother and grandmother, and this is what instilled in me love for local foods.

It began at age 14 when I entered the hospitality institute for chefs and waiters “Ipssar Giuseppe Maffioli,” where I learned the basics of international cuisine. During this time, I trained in a variety of restaurants in the northern part of Italy.

At 17 I secured my first position as “chef helper” at a five-star hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where I picked up management skills. I soon realized my place was in the kitchen rather than a hotel. I then moved to a much busier restaurant in Castelfranco Veneto.
This was the perfect place to master Venetian dishes in a sparkling and extremely busy environment. I was able to build my stamina and gain the confidence I needed to pursue my goal of creating great meals for everyone.

From my youth, I always wanted to visit Japan, and when I was 24 I moved to London, the first step toward Japan. There I was able to hone my skills in a more elegant and sober style, learning to use top seasonal ingredients in a much lighter way and respect for their characteristics.

At London’s Harry’s Bar, noted worldwide for both the beauty of its décor and the quality of its cuisine, I worked under the chef Alberico Pennati, who that at the time was also in charge of several other luxurious restaurants in London. Pennati created the menu for the Orient Express.

After 4 years in London, at the age of 28, I decided to finally start my experience Japan, and in September of 1999 I arrived on these shores. My first time in such a huge metropoli, and seeing Tokyo scenery was breathtaking. 
Here I got married and for 4 years I worked as head chef for an Italian-owned company that operated several restaurants. 
I used the time to become familiar with the local customers, delicacies and food culture.

Kagurazaka Street

The opening of Ristorante Stefano Kagurazaka

In 2004, I decided it was time to take the next big step: to open my own place. 

On February 16th of that year, I opened Ristorante Stefano in Kagurazaka, a neighborhood that had a reputation for being a “small, village-like town” in the heart of Tokyo, and home to many foreigners. The restaurant is small, but as we say in Italy, “Botte piccola fa buon vino,” which loosely translates to “The best things come in small packages.”

A view of the restaurant

Stefano today

Today my kitchen represents a mixture of all these experiences in three countries. Without losing my Italian identity, I now produce a healthy and refined menu based on a deep knowledge of available materials and quality products. My passion for my work and creating a warm and welcoming environment for my guests are what drives me to make everyone feel the warmth of entering an Italian home and enjoy ristorante Stefano Authentic Italian Venetian seasonal cuisine.

You are welcome at any time here in Kagurazaka.