Italian Tasting Experience

For the first time in Tokyo, a tasting experience and a true Italian gastronomic journey

5 fabulous opportunities for us to share with you
our passion for pairing each dish with the perfect wine.

Tasting experience

Saturday 14th March
6:30 PM

(All included, per person)

White Asparagus
Tasting experience

Saturday 16th May
6:30 PM

(All included, per person)

Venetian Summer
Tasting experience

Saturday 11th July
6:30 PM

(All included, per person)

Italian mushrooms
Tasting experience

Saturday 12th September
6:30 PM
(All included, per person)

Tasting experience

Saturday 14th November
6:30 PM

(All included, per person)

Each evening the protagonist will be a typical Italian seasonal ingredient.

During the dinner an experienced Italian sommelier will explain why each dish is the perfect match with each wine and the story behind the wine.

Join us to spend a memorable evening with like-minded people that share your love for exquisite Italian food and wine.

All the ingredients are flown in fresh from Italy and are combined to offer a world of exquisite tastes and endless delight by chef Stefano and his team. 

Healthy, refined dishes and excellent wines are a clear part of the Italian

Come with us on this fantastic journey.

Like entering an Italian home,
at Stefano we would love to make you at ease
and delight your palate in a warm and cozy ambience.

The complete program

Artichoke Tasting experience – Saturday 19th  March 6:30 PM

Menu coming soon

White asparagus Experience – Saturday 16th May 6:30 PM

Menu coming soon

Venetian Summer Experience – Saturday 11 th July 6:30 PM


White asparagus sherbet 
(White asparagus, milk, onion, polenta chips) 

WINE: Prosecco DOC Tonon Villa Teresa: お洒落
A sparkling gem from the Veneto/Friuli border.  Its light bubbles and pleasant taste will give you a glimpse of glamorous Italian lifestyle.


White asparagus and speck
(White asparagus, extra virgin olive oil, speck) 

WINE: Tonon Sauvignon Blanc: すっきり
a modern classic of Friuli wine-making, an easy to drink fresh white wine. This originally French variety makes excellent wines, thanks to the special Friulan soil.


Risotto with white asparagus and taleggio cheese 
(Italian carnaroli rice, white asparagus, butter, grana cheese, onion,
taleggio cheese)


Homemade fettuccine with white asparagus and smoked trout 
(White asparagus, home-smoked trout, eggs, flour) 

WINE:  Soave DOC Nogare Secche: 円やか
The name come from Latin, meaning “pleasant to the senses.” This wine will comfort you with its warm, round and elegant taste.


Halibut and white asparagus butter and sage, clams sabayon sauce 
(White asparagus, halibut, sage, flour, creamy mashed potato) 

WINE:  AKA Primitivo Rosato: 上品
This wine is the finest expression of Apulian winemaking. Like the Japanese coral printed on the label, the raw material is difficult to work with, but knowledge and artisanal experience can transform it into an elegant gem. Deep color and complex, fruity taste.


White asparagus sweet compo on a white chocolate sauce 
(white asparagus cake, white asparagus mousse & white asparagus gelato 

Mushrooms Tasting experience – Saturday 12th September 6:30 PM 

Menu coming soon

Radicchio Experience – Saturday 11th November 6:30 PM

Menu coming soon

Limited seats available, hurry up!

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Stefano Fastro

Chef  Stefano  presents an authentic Italian cuisine with an accent on Venetian traditions. His culinary proposal changes each month as he loves selecting the best ingredients the season has to offer. 

Federico Fanelli

Federico is a WSET Level 2 qualified (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) who 
is passionate about the Italian wine business in Japan. A law graduate, 
he studied wine import regulations and taxation in Japan.He came to 
Japan with the intention of being a bridge between different cultures, 
sharing knowledge about Italian lifestyles and products with Japanese 
people. Currently working for the importer Alcotrade Trust Inc., he is 
often involved in wine seminars and workshops that help to approach 
Italian wines in a friendly yet well informed way.

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