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ステファノ自家製 “VOV” (ヴェネチア伝統的な卵酒)



Vov, History and Tradition

HISTORY: The liqueur which will be later called Vov, was invented in 1845 by Gian Battista Pezziol, a confectioner from Padua specialized in the production of nougat (torrone), a sweet made with egg whites only. Pezziol had the intuition to use the leftover yolks, together with marsala wine, alcohol and sugar, to start the production of a liqueur “zabaglione“, an energy drink very popular at that time also as a tonic due to its hight contents in sugar, egg yolks and alcohol (alcohol contents can reach also 40%) .
The product was initially sold under the name “Vovi”, that is eggs in the Venetian language;
later on, when the product started to cross regional borders, the name was changed into “Vov”.

VOV as a local home made liquor.
A different recipe in every household.
Need to be said that in Veneto every household posses his own recipe where ingredients are mostly the same but procedure and weights differs greatly, in some cases the whole egg is used and in some other cases also the shell is mixed inside (it is said that it will melt and add minerals to the final liquor).
My version has come from my grandmother but lately I modify it to fit my taste. My upgraded version has more alcohol and almost half the sugar plus I also added some spices to soften the strong flavor of eggs.
Winter time is a great season to enjoy this drink.